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What is Technical Translation?

Translations that are

often needed in the fields of construction, electronics, industry, science, and space technologies are called technical translationThis type of translation requires a certain expertise, preliminary research and knowledge and should only be done by translators who are experts in the relevant field. Otherwise, it is very difficult to produce an efficient work. In general, technical translation services may be needed in all areas where machinery and technology are available.

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Although getting translation services often seems like a simple process, in some cases incorrect or incomplete translation can cause major problems. To avoid such problems, after the translation is completed, we subject your file to a strict review before delivering it to you.

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The documents you send through our website are protected with 256 bit encryption algorithm.

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Immediately after placing your order, you can log in to the customer dashboard with the password sent to your e-mail address, see the progress of your translation and keep your translation process under control.

How is Technical Translation Performed?

Whichever sector

technical translation will be done in, it is very important to refer to a glossary of terms in that sector when translating. More importantly, the translator who will make the translation has previous experience in that field. For example, the fact that a translation in the field of electricity and electronics is carried out by a translator who has previously carried out successful translation projects in the relevant field and has knowledge and is checked by a competent editor in the field often greatly improves the quality of the translation. Factors to be considered when performing technical translation are as follows:


What are the Technical Translation Prices?

Translation fees may vary depending on the language, branch and type of translation to be made. Technical translation is a job that requires expertise and attention. Therefore, in order for the translation to be done correctly, it must be done by an experienced translator. Express Translation Office provides professional technical translation services with its experienced staff. You can learn about technical translation prices by visiting our online translation order page.

Frequently Asked Questions for Technical Translation Service

Is a credit card valid for technical translation fees?

There is an option to pay by credit card for technical translation orders you will make on our

Online Translation Order page.

How can I pay to receive technical translation services from Express Translation Office?

You can pay for the

technical translation service by creating an order on our order page or via the online payment link that will be sent to you after your approval for the translation or to our bank accounts. Credit cards are valid for online payments.

Do I have to pay an extra fee other than translation for the technical translation service I receive?

Express Translation office does not charge extra for technical translation services that require stamps and signatures. You only pay the translation fee for your technical translation. Contrary to popular belief, sworn translator stamps are not paid.

How are technical translation fees calculated?

Technical translation fees are calculated according to the language, word count and type of translation to be performed. If the word count cannot be counted, the technical translation fee is calculated based on the number of pages and the density of your document. You can visit our Online Translation Order page to get a clear price information about your file.

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