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At Express Online Translation Office, we are able to offer professional translation services without compromising on quality, thanks to the opportunities provided by technology. With our team of certified sworn translators who are experts in their fields, we can produce fast solutions for your translation needs. Upload your file for a 20% discount on your first orders and start your translation now!

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Although getting a translation service often seems like a simple process, in some cases, incorrect or incomplete translation can lead to major problems. To avoid such problems, we conduct a thorough review of your file before delivering it to you after the translation.

Security for Your Documents.

The documents you send through our website are protected with 256 bit encryption algorithm.

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Track Your Translation Process.

After placing yourorder, you can log in to the customer dashboard with the password sent to your e-mail address and track the status of your translation.

Frequently Asked Questions for Online Translation Office

How can I get Online Translation services from Express Translate?

You can get an instant price by uploading your fileto the Translation Order page. In addition, you can forward your file from the live support section at the bottom right , on our WhatsApp line or at [email protected].

Do you accept credit card to pay translation fees?

There is an option to pay by credit card for translation orders you will place on our

Online Translation Order page.

How can I pay to receive Online Translation services from Express Translate?

You can make your payment by EFT/Wire Transfer or credit card.

Do I have to pay an extra fee for the Online Translation service I receive?

Express Translation office does not charge extra fees for Online Translation services that require stamps and signatures. You will only pay the translation fee for your Online Translation. Contrary to popular belief, sworn translator stamps are not paid.

How are Online Translation fees priced?

Online Translation fees are calculated depending on the language, number of words and type of translation to be made. If the word count can’t be counted, the Online Translation fee is calculated based on the number of pages and density of your document. You can visit our Online Translation Order page to get a clear price information about your file.

How are notarized sworn translation prices determined?

Notarized sworn translation fees are determined by the sum of the translation fee and the notarized certification fee. In notarized translations, the certification fee may also vary according to the translation language and page density. Since notary publics determine the notarization fees, Express Translation unfortunately has no chance to intervene in this price.

How can I trust your Online Translation service?

Your Online Translation processes are assigned only to our sworn translator personnel who are experts and experienced in the relevant field.

How to Find an Online Translation Office?

Express Translate, the translation office that provides online services, aims to ensure that its customers receive services easily. As we have emphasized before, you need to carefully choose the online translation offices you find while receiving translation services.

After receiving the service, it is essential to get support from professional people in order not to be a victim and not to have problems. As Express Translation, we are able to provide you with the necessary professional translation services with our expert certified translator staff. Moreover, we can easily guarantee that you will not have any problems while serving you. You can reach us at our contact addresses or on our website to get services.

What are the Duties of Online Translation Offices?

The main task of translation offices is to provide translation services to people in different languages. It is not a simple process to master a language and to translate it into the target language by preserving its meaning. Especially in order not to make mistakes in this field, people need to be very careful and attentive.

Online translation service is also a type of service that has become very popular in recent years. Thanks to the systems we use, our customers can order translations quickly and practically online. This has become a very practical and easy service for our customers.

One of the main tasks of translation offices is to bring together the customer who needs translation with the translator. When you want to provide translation services in many different languages of the world, you may need teammates with expertise in this field. As Express Translate, we support you in many languages with our professional translator staff.

What are the Working Hours of Translation Offices?

Translation offices are usually open between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on weekdays. Since Express Translation Office provides services online, it can be much more flexible in terms of working hours. In this way, you can reach us between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. on weekdays and between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays. In addition, thanks to our online ordering system, you can meet all your translation needs by expert translators 24/7.

What is Translation Service?

Translation service is the process of translating different languages into different languages for individuals or institutions. This translation support is extremely important in texts that are related to foreign works or that need to be prepared in the application processes. As Express Online Translation Office, we provide professional translation services in many important world languages.

What to Consider When Receiving Translation Services?

When receiving translation services, people should pay attention to some important points. Incorrect or incomplete translation can be costly for people who receive translation services, both financially and morally. Express Online Translation Office aims to minimize the margin of error by passing your translations through a strict quality control process. Express Online Translation Office guarantees you the highest quality translation services with its more than 120 professional translators.

Professional Translation Office

Translation Office refers to a company or organization that provides language services. Such offices provide translation, localization, editing and similar services of foreign language texts. The Translation Office plays an important role in the international business world, tourism sector and e-commerce platforms.

Translation Offices work with experts in subjects such as grammar and terminology to improve the quality of the translation process. In this way, they provide high-quality and accurate translation services to their customers. The Translation Office can offer different services to meet the needs of its customers. These services include written translation, interpreting, localization, post-editing services.

A Translation Office usually offers its customers flexibility in translation services. The duration of the translation process may vary depending on the length and complexity of the document to be translated. In addition, they can offer customized solutions according to the needs of their customers.

As a result, the Translation Office plays an important role in the communication between people who speak different languages around the world. It aims to facilitate their work by providing high-quality translation services with professional translators.

Express Online Translation Office

The Translation Agency is an organization that provides translation services, usually for the purpose of ensuring communication between different languages. Accurate and effective translation of texts plays an important role in the success of global businesses. Translation agencies work with expert translators and editors to provide high-quality translation services to their customers.

Translation agencies can provide services such as written or oral translation and localization. They also show flexibility to provide custom solutions according to the needs of their customers. For example, sometimes they may request that the translation service be completed quickly, and sometimes they may require that the target culture be takeninto account.

Translation agencies often employ translators and editors who specialize in the field of translation to provide high-quality services to their clients. These experts specialize in topics such as grammar, terminology, and cultural differences of the text to be translated. In addition, it is common practice for multiple translators and editors to work together on large translation projects.

A Translation Office is an important organization that facilitates communication between companies and people speaking different languages. By providing high-quality, accurate and timely services to its customers, it helps to facilitate their business and compete in global markets.

Online Translation Service

With Express Online Translation Office, you can create a one-click translation order instead of searching for a single translation office. In this way, you can receive your translation as soon as possible.

Searching for a Translation Office Makes History!

Today, the world is increasingly globalized and communication between different languages is of great importance. At this point, translation offices play a critical role in business and social life by providing interlingual communication. However, with the rapid advancement of technology, the operation of translation services is also undergoing radical changes.

Once upon a time, translation offices operated by translating documents manually and transmitting them by mail. However, today, with the spread of the internet and digital communication tools, the way these offices work has completely changed.

Express Translation Office offers its services on online platforms. This makes the translation office easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Globally known online translation agency Express Translate is now just a few clicks away!

Get Notarized Translation Service Without Leaving Your Home

In today’s world, time is more valuable than ever.  Because of this, it can sometimes be annoying to spend the whole day on a simple process such as notarization.

You can use our online notarized translation service to eliminate this unpleasant situation. In this service,you only need to send us a scanned and legible version of your file. Your translation will be processed simultaneously by our notary certified translator staff with many years of experience in the sector.

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Nearest Translation Agency to You

Express Translate makes it easy to get accurate online translation services. You no longer need to call a street-by-street translation office for sworn and notarized translation. Express Translate’s customer satisfaction-oriented online translation services are at your service 24/7 with an affordable price guarantee. You can get one-click sworn translation services even for your translation transactions at visas and consulates. Express Translate is one of the most well-known companies among

Translation Office of Your City

Searching for a translation office with our online sworn translation services has become a thing of the past. Whether you are in your neigborhood or at the other side of the world, the translation office is at your fingertips! Upload your file now, get price information and start your translation. So do not go to the translation office, let the translation office come to you!

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Worldwide Sworn Translation Office

Today, sworn translation offices are able to do their jobs more efficiently with the help of technology. Special software and translation tools facilitate the translation process for sworn translators, while increasing accuracy and precision. However, despite the support provided by technology, human expertise remains needed for the cultural accuracy of translation.

As a result, sworn translation offices play a critical role in the reliable translation of documents. Expert translator staffs meet the needs of their customers by providing high standards of translation services and help them overcome language barriers. It is highly likely that new technologies will be developed to improve the quality of translation services. However, it is important to remember that human expertise is always indispensable in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of official documents.

Translation Service in 3 Easy Steps with Online Translation Office

To get translation services, you no longer need to search the internet for minutes and collect quotes from translation companies. Thanks to its advanced systems, Express Translate can now reduce getting translation services to 3 easy steps. With Express Translate online translation office, you can access affordable translation services in just 3 steps.  Upload your file and get your quote, get your online translation service easily!

Go Global with Express Translate

We support your projects and your company to reach the global with the localization solutions we offer. By taking advantage of our localization solutions, you can easily announce your products and services to the whole world and expand your customer network.

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